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About Griffin Digital

Simplifying the Complexities of Digital Marketing

Company Vision

Griffin Digital was founded on the principle that the Digital Marketing arena is overly-complicated for the average small business. We aim to simplify & amplify our clients efforts across the online platforms that make sense for them specifically. Our goal is to minimize headaches & stress, while maximizing the phone calls & emails that generate sales. We believe that we are most successful when our clients reduce the amount of time spent & increase the revenue received through their marketing efforts. From creating the content to developing the systems & analytics reports, we generate a strategy that increases your sales & bottom-line growth.

Company Mission

We strive to re-write the marketing game. We may study the best practices, innovate the strategies, and build the tools but at the end of the day, our clients are the experts in how to grow their business. Our goal is to listen to them, find those pain points, work with them on solutions, and help deliver these initiatives to fruition. Whether our clients are just getting started or been in business for years, we strive for consistent & incremental growth across their organization. We are not Account Representatives delivering cookie cutter packages; we are Strategists focusing on the solutions to the challenges of marketing in today’s digital landscape.

Meet the Team

Brandon Maag

Founder/Chief Development Guru

From the overall strategy to creating quality content, Marketing has been my lifelong passion. Beginning with an interest for Graphic Design in middle school, I’ve been honing my skills in the marketing arena for over a decade. After attending a Technical High School for 2 years, I went on to obtain an Associate’s in Digital Multimedia & Bachelor’s in Business Admin with a Concentration in Marketing. I started my career with 2 years in B2C & 3 years in B2B sales before working in the internal marketing departments for 3 years. During this time, I became an expert at developing marketing strategies from the ground up, navigating tough budgets, optimizing tech stacks, & developing campaigns with ROI as a priority.

In July 2021, I started Griffin Digital with the goal of simplifying the complexity of Digital Marketing for local small businesses. With millions of options for platforms & every business having a unique brand voice, I saw first hand how confusing & painful it could be to develop a marketing strategy that was both impactful and mindful of a budget. I learned early on that there wasn’t a 1-size-fits-all package and that a business was as unique as it’s owner.

My goal is simple: provide ROI positive solutions for every business we work with. Whether that be through our marketing strategies & implementations, or by connecting you with our preferred partners as additional resources. We strive to help small businesses be the best they can be. Let’s connect and shape the future of your brand today.

Looking to Join the Team?

We are always looking to connect with talented & innovative marketing people!
Let us know a little bit about you, the type of role you’re looking for, & how we can connect.