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Digital Marketing FAQs

Web Development & Design

For small businesses, having an appealing website doesn’t have to cost a fortune & having a functional website doesn’t have to be difficult. We help you go live so you can start branding your business.

Search Engine Optimization

It’s more than just checking a box, when was the last time you reviewed your SEO Strategy? Google’s algorithms are constantly crawling for the most up-to-date information to determine the industry experts. Let’s determine the strategy for your business to be an industry leader.

Customer Relationship Management

CRMs can be the place where leads go to die, or they can be managed throughout the sales funnel to turn them into sales. Strategizing the lead capture, nurturing that lead, & providing the guiding pathline to the sale is how you use your CRM to its full capability. Let’s chat through that strategy & the systems involved.

Email Marketing

Email & Funnel Marketing services aim to improve your email ROI, improve brand loyalty, increase open & conversion rates, A/B testing, & reducing inefficiencies through automations. We offer sales email templates, autoresponders, lead nurturing drip campaigns, & post-service follow-ups.

Social Media Management

Although we do not claim to be experts in Social Media Marketing, we are able to provide support in content, analytics, & integrations. We have also partnered with local experts to provide options for your Social Media Management. Griffin Digital also can assist with Paid Ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, & Google.

Reputation Management

Manage your brand’s online narrative through our Reputation Management Services. We monitor, analyze, & enhance your online presence, ensuring accuracy across directories. From cultivating positive reviews to strategic responses, we safeguard your reputation, build trust, & illuminate your business in the digital landscape.